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Description of Destination : germany


Standing on an island surrounded by canals in the estuary of the Trave River the city of Lubeck was founded twice, originally in 1143 and then again in 1159 by the Saxon king, Henry the Lion, after the first settlement had burned down. The city grew with astonishing speed and within 100 years it had become the principal member of the powerful Hanseatic Leaugue. Today though the city is no longer a major economic power its magnificent churches and civic buildings stand as testament to its former glory and the street layout of the Old Town still follows Henry the Lions original plan. In 1987, UNESCO designated the Old Town a World Heritage Site.




Germany's second larges city, Hamburg was founded in the 9th century by the Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne. In 1159 the city was granted free trade rights and Hamburg soon became an important port and a leading member of the Hanseatic League . A fire in 1842 destroyed much of the city and the bombing raids of World War II again brought mass destruction, but the city's wealth always allowed it to recover quickly. Today, Hamburg is Germany's largest seaport and the media capital of the country.


Hamburg Port

Established during the 12th century, Hamburg's port ensured that for hundreds of years the city was one of the wealthiest in the world. In the 1880s the establishment of a free port where cargoes are exempt from custom formalities led to the construction of the Speicherstadt, the larges self contained warehouse complex in the world. Today, the port is still one of the largest in Europe , covering an area of 75sq km (29 sq miles).



Hamburg : Kunsthalle

First opened to the public in 1869 the Hamburg Kunsthalle soon achieved worldwide recognition. The gallery's first director, Alfred Lichtwark, rediscovered some of the great Hamburg painters of the Medieval and Romantic periods, and nearly all of the 19th century artist Phillip Otto Runge's works are now on display here. The gallery expanded rapidly, forcing it to change premises in 1919. in 2937, a Nazi crackdown on degenerate art resulted in the destruction of the modern department, but this has been rebuilt to become one of the best collections of contemporary art in Germany . To house it, a four storey cubic extension with an underground link to the main gallery was opened in 1997.


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