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Description of Destination : norway


Founded in 1070, Bergen was the largest city in medieval Norway and remained the country's busiest port until well into the 19th century. A diverse era dawned in the 14th century when Hanseatic merchants from northern Germany established a trading station here; a rich class of traders flourished at the expense of local fishermen, a system that continued even after the Norwegians regained control in the 1550s. Nevertheless, the Bryggen (the old waterfront trading centre) has since become the city's architectural treasure, and is now one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The Leprosy Museum and the Bergen Art Museum are other local highlights, while the port is the main gateway to the dramatic and untamed west coast.


Founded around 1050 by King Harold Hardrada, Oslo came into prominence in the 14th century when Hakon V moved from Bergen to Oslo's fortress of Akershus. Under Danish rule its fortunes initially waned, only to flourish again after Christian IV rebuilt the town in 1624. Christiania prospered in the 19th century and became the capital of an independent Norway in 1905, after 90 years of union with Sweden . Reverting to its original name in 1925, Oslo consolidated its role as a university town throughout the 20th century. Now a wealthy modern city, Oslo has two cultural centres, one focused on Karl Johans Gate, the main thoroughfare, the other on the Bygdoy Peninsula .

The Fjords

Among the world's most spectacular geological formations, the Norwegian Fjords are long, narrow inlets stretching deep into the surrounding mountains. At their innermost reaches, their depth often matches their innermost reaches, their depth often matches the height of the cliffs above, while shallower waters connect them to the sea. They were created by a gradual process of glacier erosion during the last Ice Age (around 110,000 to 13, 000 BC) when enormous glaciers crept through the valleys, gouging steep-sided crevices into the landscape, often far below the surface of the sea. When the glaciers finally melted, sea water burst in and filled the hollows left by the ice.


Excursions Available at norway
    • Bergen City Highlights & Troldhaugen
    • Damsgaard Mansion & Fantoft Stavechurch
    • Viking Museum & Oslo Highlights
    • Open-Air Folk Museum & Oslo Highlights
    • Norwegian Adventures
    • Norway's Maritime Heritage
    • EZ Oslo
    • Walking Tour of Oslo & City Hall
    • Viking Ship Museum & Hadeland Glassworks
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